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Our Philosophy

Al-Ilm Educational Institute educates young Muslim minds through a curriculum based on sound Islamic knowledge, facilitating the application of this knowledge in modern day society by creating a wholesome Islamic environment. Along with education, great emphasis is put upon tarbiyah (ethics). Based on the teachings of Allah’s word, the Qur’an, and the traditions of his Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the authentic Sunnah, the focus of the Institute is to provide Islamic as well as secular academic programs that fulfill the intellectual and moral needs of its students. Our propagation of knowledge is not an aim in itself, but rather a means to direct our students to live by Islam as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The hope is that, insha’Allah, this will produce righteous young Muslims who as adults will become contributing members of society and will carry on the essence of our purpose to “Instill within the Muslim Youth a concern for themselves, their families and the entire Muslim Ummah.”

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